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Training and absenteeism


Looking to work with first line supervisers to help them deal with high levels of workplace absenteeism in a manufacturing environment. Any thoughts?
Geoff Avis

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  1. Training and absenteeism
    We have used the benchmark programme initiated by the staff rather than supervisors to tackle this problem in retail and some factories. Firstly you need to address the workers who have been dealing with the job in excess of ten years but for whatever reason have not reached supervisor level.

    Get them to isolate in a recordable basis the top ten problems with the company. The top items they would change. You may need to persuade them to do this by anonymous delivery of a checklist!

    Once this is doen and others see there is no fear of retribution for “speaking out” then others will folow.

    Develop a checklist of items that your supervisors know cause problems and then produce a checklist with some other suggestions gained from the senior staff as order of priority. Once this is done then you will have the bare bones of some decisions that are affecting the staff and causing the absenteeism. if they are bored they will stay away, likewise if they are stressed.

    Once the main areas are isolated then you need to structure a training needs analysis which is self completed to address the problems.

    if this process is not clear or you would like to chat it through then call me on 0870 241 3998 or e-mail on [email protected]

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