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Has anyone any experience of creating or maintaining information on a training database. I am in the process of creating one and would like to hear from anyone with experience of having created one.

Lesley Cairns
Lesley Cairns

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  1. Interested in the ELITE software

    Would you please contact me on the email address below regarding your software package ELITE. I am very interested in this.

    [email protected]

  2. Excellent Software
    I use software called ELITE. It has been specifically designed by a small Belfast company and it is excellent. I use it to track costs, number of training days, etc It provides thousands of permutations for reports.
    I have been able to tweak it to suit my needs as I am responsible for staff development in a large FE college. I believe it is IiP compatible also.
    I can provide you with further details if you like.

  3. ILT courses or e-learning?

    There are plenty of Learning Management Systems available that will cover your requirements based on data received during the delivery of online learning (Knowledge Pathways is one I have experience of and Lotus Learningspace is very good).

    Aquiring similar information for Instructor-led courses is less trivial. The usual HR management solutions may help you there assuming their features match your requirments – you may be looking at developing something internally…


  4. Reply to Steve Roberts
    Sorry Steve you did not leave your email address for me to get in touch.

    My objectives are:

    1. As an evaluation method
    2. Personal training records (non paperbased)

    Also very much in terms of evaluation of types of training, how often, costs and number of hours over given periods per employee etc. This is linked to Investors in People and the need to provide evidence. I could and do keep manual handwritten details of training but then trying to report on say number of hours per employee is a very menial and time-consuming task.

  5. What are you wanting it to do?
    What is the objective?

    Administration, promotion, booking, evaluation, access programmes,personal training records?

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