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‘Unleash the power within’ – the aftermath


HR Zone community manager Dawn-Marie Dart checks in with attendees of the ‘Unleash the Power Within 2004’, a workshop run by life coach Anthony Robbins.

Members of Sift Media communities gave us their firsthand accounts of this remarkable event back in October 2004 – but let’s find out how they feel about it now? Did the event have a lasting impact? Are their feet still sore from walking on those hot coals?

Diary of a Sales Manager
“It made me think more deeply than I had ever done about my life and what was important to me, and actually analyse what makes me tick as a person.”

Diary of a Advertising Manager
“It reaffirmed some new positive beliefs and was a crucial next step on my journey of self discovery and self improvement.”

Diary of a Business Development Manager
“I Thought very differently about myself – and concentrated on my strengths rather than my weaknesses”.

Diary of a HR Manager
“Listen to your own instincts and go alone – not with a crowd. It is much easier to open up and benefit from the experience when you are surrounded by strangers as you won’t question others opinions of yourself as much.”

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One Response

  1. Wow – some power – not!

    Fascinating. All that enthusiasm BUT:

    “Have you maintained those changes?
    The weekend working started to creep back into my life after three or four months, something I am a little disappointed at myself for. But I have no one to blame but myself! However, it is no where near as bad as it was.
    Other than that – yes- I am doing pretty well!!”

    “Have you maintained those changes?
    When I think about doing it, yes.”

    “Have you maintained those changes?

    And one person didn’t answer.

    I’d say that was about par for the course with these motivational jamborees – short term big emotional high but highly questionable long term value.


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