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Whistle while you work to keep the workplace spirits up


Whistle while you work still has resonance it seems, according to research from music licensing organisations PPL and PRS for Music. 

A study of 1,008 small and medium enterprise owners found that over three quarters (77%) reckon that playing music in the workplace increases staff morale, and creates a better atmosphere and working environment for staff and customers.

Two thirds (65%) say music in the workplace makes their employees more productive while two in five (40%) believe that playing music can increase sales or results for the business.
The research also found that 75% of respondents believe that background music can help to relieve tension and awkward silences in the workplace, adding that silence in the workplace is to be avoided. Over one in five (22%) businesses admitting they would go out of their way to avoid it, preferring to lose a day’s trade than operate in a silent environment. 
“Music positively influences consumer mood/emotional states through psycho-physiological reactions and autobiographical memory associations. Silence by comparison can be intrusive, as it throws unwelcome attention on the consumers’ behaviour," commented Psychologist Dr Vicky Williamson.
“Music also provides an effective and adaptable tool for bringing a sense of pleasure and relaxation to the work environment, thereby promoting a positive attitude, higher job satisfaction and boosting a sense of brand identity and loyalty. A completely silent work environment can lack stimulation, interest and, for many people, a dynamic and creative source of energy.”  
Christine Geissmar, Director of Operations at PPL, added: “We know that playing music has huge benefits and we are keen for as many business owners as possible to understand how cost effective and beneficial playing music can be.  We are encouraging businesses to contact us to find out more about how they can enjoy the benefits of music while being legally compliant.”

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  1. music in the workplace

     Tend to agree about the positive effect that background music can have on the atmosphere of an office and how it can help to relieve tension and create a more pleasant working environment. The statistics shown in the article make a compelling arguement which makes it very  difficult to refuse playing music in the workplace. 

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