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An introduction to our blog series: developing a new employment deal for local government


This series of blogs sets out the essential elements of the whitepaper, Developing a New Employment Deal for Local Government. The centrepiece of the whitepaper is a model called the The Employment Deal Diagnostic, otherwise referred to as TEDD®

Influenced by the latest academic research, TEDD® conceptualises and personifies the employment relationship as a fluid and dynamic process, expressed as an exchange of contributions of various kinds between employer and employee.

A high quality employment relationship or ‘deal’ is one characterised by a balanced, reciprocal exchange of high-quality contributions.

The deal-in-action is expressed by conversational practice, shaped by workplace tensions and job pressure.

Drawing on the evidence in the whitepaper and supplemented by other research data, these blogs examine the core elements of the TEDD® model in more detail. 

You can view each blog in turn as follows:

1. What should employers offer to employees? Analysing the employer contribution

2. What should employees give to the organisation? Analysing the employee contribution

3. The role of conversational practice in public sector employee engagement

4. Dealing with workplace tensions and job pressure in the public sector

5. The role of personality and employer branding in public sector employee engagement


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