I really hope you will be able to help me out with this.
I will be going abroad to obtain diagnosis and possibly treatment (outside EEA – destination India – I am British Citizen) I do understand that ​neither the S2 route nor the EU Directive route applies to treatment outside the EEA, but what I wish to inquire about is, if UK Law or any Guides specify that I have to call off sick at my work (due to situation first it would be self certificate and then GP notice from India) or should I use annual leave for such purpose. In My opinion a common sense would be if I am going to obtain only the diagnosis and my management is well informed about my situation, then I should choose annual leave route, but because I will be off for entire month a befriended doctor of the family in India stated that there is a high possibility I will receive the Treatment too.
Can You please advise me on this conundrum.