I just joined a very reputable bank. Hardly 3 months and im being bullied.Ive been told i have an attitude problem, i dont smile or greet(ofwhich is untrue) and im disorganized by my boss’s boss. Im a coordinator and my specialist keeps sending emails about me to her knowing she doesn’t like me and i get a lash back. Today she kaked on my head telling me im not culture fit and my interview said im organized and im not and my assessments said im organized and im not. Im still on probation how do i deal with this. Whenever i want to defend myself i cant, im being told i dont want to take accountability for my actions. I cant get a word across and the meeting is about me. Im scared they are going to fire me as they have done the 2 previous coordinators. What Re my rights? Apparently its a norm in this company nobody is fazed.


Recruitment coordinator