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Blog: Making recruitment pinteresting


With the rise of social media, a 2-page formulaic CV is quickly becoming an old fashioned way of understanding what personality and talents a candidate has.

Today, it’s all about their Twitter feeds, LinkedIn profile, Facebook, and increasingly, Pinterest.
In June this year, Pinterest recorded a staggering 10.4 million users, and 400% month-on-month growth, making it the fastest growing social media site in history. The site is also responsible for sending more referral traffic to websites and blogs than Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.
Those are pretty impressive statistics considering they only really got going this year. So the question that begs the answer – could Pinterest be a great source for attracting talent to your company? Of course it can.
As online users, we enjoy looking at interesting and attractive things, and now companies have the ability to show people their vacancies, their company and their culture using Pinterest. Here are my pinteresting tips for using Pinterest to recruit:
  • Pin pictures and information about your company and job openings using photos and graphics
  • Include links within your images and pin descriptions to drive traffic to your company website
  • Nurture relationships and build your company by re-pinning and liking helpful content
  • Tell your story as an employer to your growing audience
  • Engage your audience with visually stunning content and positive messages
  • Reach out to specific audiences by creating different pin boards (it’s particularly good for targeting creative and social media types)
  • Expand your talent pipeline and gain some perspective on the interests of potential candidates
  • Showcase your culture, values, employees and work environment – offer a visual of what it’s like to work for your company
  • Try not to go too edgy. People appreciate something that is familiar and similar to them.
Whilst Pinterest might be a relatively new platform, its potential for companies to develop their employer brand, grow online communities and drive traffic to their website is hard to ignore. And its rise in popularity gives even more credibility to recruiting. 
Like any social network, it can take time to build an engaged community on Pintetrest, but it offers new and untapped talent pools (and it’s free). And, if you can catch the eye of your perfect candidate on Pinterest, then surely it’s worth the effort?

Phil Roebuck is chief executive of recruitment web site, Webrecruit.

We welcome any and all contributions from the community, so please feel free to share your views and opinions with us, your colleagues and peers via our blogs section.

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  1. Very Pinteresting…

    I’ve come across Pinterest and think it’s a great way to interact. While company’s are expecting more from their potential employees they can sometimes fall short with their employee brand.

    What better way to showcase your company culture then a great Pinterest board that goes behind the scenes of the business and tells a story about what it’s like to work there and the people you could be working with.

    Pinterest is such a brilliant visual way to share information and I agree, it could work wonders for building the talent pipeline.

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Phil Roebuck

Chief Executive

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