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Blog: Three tips for enhancing your online job pages


With a background in web design, I’ve heard it all.

"Make my site pop!" "I want this page to really grab people’s attention." "Can you make the logo smaller?" "I want one of those rotating .gifs, and it’ll ideally be on fire" (mostly joking about that one).
Anyone with a background in any sort of design is certainly familiar with such statements. But I have noticed in my past a complete lack of concern when it comes to what I like to call the "footer pages" of websites. You know, the about us, contact, careers, legal, etc.
The philosophy that only the pages that have some sort of revenue or marketing attached to them require thoughtful design is one I would like to see fade into the distant past of creating websites.
With countless resources available to us, like stock photos, countless free site templates, and web design forums available for free feedback, it has become easier than ever to create dynamic content across all pages with little cost at all.
The reason I’m writing this here is the area I almost always see the biggest room for improvement is on the job page of websites. So often it’s nothing more than a quick list of available positions with links to job descriptions.
For the past several years, this has worked just fine as there is certainly an imbalance between job hunters and available positions. However I have noticed a trend as of late swinging the other way, with high tech talent essentially having their pick of the litter, and quickly I think it will be important to put your best foot forward.
Creating high quality content on your jobs page is now the first thing candidates will see, so it might be time to consider reshaping how that information is displayed in a way that quickly grabs and holds the attention of quality candidates.
First — making sure the page has a catchy description about your company’s culture. Google has essentially revolutionized this in high tech environments over the past ten years, with ping pong tables and beer o’clock becoming the new norm. If your company partakes in this relaxed lifestyle, it will immediately be to your advantage to put forth these benefits.
Second — Making the design friendly by using photos. Take pictures of your office and team for display, or if this is not an option, utilize stock photography to breath life into the page. It doesn’t even have to be pictures of handshakes, just something that best displays your company’s culture will be to your advantage. There is no need to go overboard, but a few well placed photos will offer a personalized touch.
Third — Get descriptive about the jobs. If you’re hiring for a tech position, talk about specific details, offer as much information as you can and ensure that the right candidates are spending time studying the job. Add personality to the post, relate specific aspects of your business to the descriptions.
The days of short job descriptions should soon be behind us. Offering a portrait of what a new candidate can expect upon hire is the best way to begin the recruitng process.

Rob Toledo is outreach coordinator for digital marketing and communications agency, Distilled Creative.

We welcome any and all contributions from the community, so please feel free to share your views and opinions with us, your colleagues and peers via our blogs section.

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Rob Toledo

Outreach Coordinator

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