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Blog: Would you win top prize at the Chelsea Flower Show?


For the 2nd year running Cleve West is celebrating winning best in show at the RHS Chelsea flower show for his garden celebrating the 250th anniversary of Brewin Dolphin.

As I watched the video of his thank you speech I was brought to tears. I wondered why that might be and concluded it was a mixture of all the things that led to his win:
  • His passion for what he does
  • The team work that was needed
  • The design, planning & creativity
  • The attention to detail
  • Plant selection
  • Plant quality
  • Plant care – just to get them flowering this week
  • Inspirational Planting
  • Ongoing Maintenance – even for the week I assume there’s still much to do
  • Meticulous Management
And yes perhaps the tears were also due to:
  • his delight in winning
  • the obvious delight of friends in his win and
  • the fact I love cottage style gardens (more pictures can be found here).
The project success had much to do with all the things I’ve listed – failure on any one of these and he might have failed. As head gardener and designer for the project Cleve was responsible for ensuring it all worked perfectly.
For what ever you’re head gardener of could you say the same?
Would your effort on tending to those in your team enable them to win you a best in class? Do you have the passion? How much planning have you done? Are you attending to every detail? Are your giving it and them the care they need? and would you delight in their success? Are you withering or flourishing?
What seeds do you need to sow to reap a good harvest later in the year?

Alison Smith is a facilitator, coach and speaker.

We welcome any and all contributions from the community, so please feel free to share your views and opinions with us, your colleagues and peers via our blogs section.

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Alison Smith


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