Talent managers had long been facing continuous pressure to locate the right talent and make smart hiring decisions to meet company’s talent needs. 

Fortunately, technology has significantly changed the way companies recruit, transforming the application process, interviews and what not.  

Market analysis shows that current technologies and limited process changes could automate 56 percent of hire-to-retire tasks. This ultimately sheds light on the role of technology in improving the overall efficiency of the hiring professionals, reduced human error, unconscious bias and costs in the hiring process. No wonder, according to one survey, nine out of 10 recruiters said they were excited about working more closely with new technologies.

Let’s look at four ways how technology is transforming how recruitment is done:


  1. Applicant Tracking System

Tracking applicants manually can be very costly and time-consuming. This is why an applicant tracking system serves as a powerful tool for hiring professionals to automate the processes and make informed and timely hiring decisions. Moreover, ATS allows recruiters to stay organized by building a custom workflow for each job opening, and eliminate redundant tasks along the way.

With an Applicant Tracking System, hiring managers can also easily compare candidates for open positions and identify channels that provide top individuals. Nevertheless, the system isn’t complete fail-proof as only the optimized resumes reach the hiring team. Furthermore, it doesn’t reduce the risk of unconscious bias in hiring as the human component is still there.

Speaking of not being recognized, there’s a heads-up for candidates. Since resumes are automatically going to be scanned by bots, it’s recommended to use certain keywords in your resume to be able to be identified the system.


  1. Candidate Assessments

Technology is serving its best applications in the form of pre-employment tests to aid recruiters conduct a fruitful hiring process. AI-driven talent assessments are designed to test applicants on a wide variety of skills and behaviors such as job skills, emotional intelligence, personality, and cognitive abilities.

 While the use of such assessments is a fairly new trend in the human industry, it is accelerating at a high rate. This is because recruiters are finding these tests as a great way to filter out incompetent candidates and identify the top performers by looking beyond the resume.

And now the integration of gamification in such assessments has tremendously transformed how candidates are assessed. Gamification in recruitment provides a simulated and fun way for people to showcase their competencies and potential, so they are able to present their true self in a comfortable setting.


  1. Virtual Interviewing

Like other aspects of hiring, technology has also made interviewing easier. Video interviewing tools have been around for quite some time, but they have become increasingly popular after Covid-19. More and more companies are now abandoning traditional interview protocols, adopting the use of asynchronous video interviews.

Virtual interviewing has made interviews a breeze for candidates and recruiters alike and also has proved to significantly improve candidate experience. As a recruiter, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to take one-way or live interviews.  

One-way interviews not only allow hiring managers to record a set of questions at their convenience but also give candidates the ease to record responses when it’s feasible for them. On the other hand, one study revealed that forty-nine percent of surveyed candidates said a video interview helps them to stand out in the hiring process. 25% said they would prefer a live video interview to an in-person interview.


  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are a popular recruitment tool due to their ability to automate basic interactions with potential candidates. For time-constrained hiring teams, chatbots have proven to be a great way for instant communication.   

A recruitment chatbot can work as a messaging service on your website to respond to queries 24/7 regarding a job listing, information on your company as well as to provide feedback and company updates. It can also give answers related to company values, culture, office location and the status of a job application.


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