Nothing makes employees more uncomfortable than performance reviews. Managers aren’t satisfied with the results of reviews, employees don’t want to participate in them and HRs find it  difficult to organize and execute. Despite all this, employee performance management is one of the most important processes in an organization.

Performance reviews help managers/ employees think and understand about their performance and how they can improve themselves. All this is possible only if you overcome the following common employee performance review problems.

Preparing For It Is Time-consuming

Preparing for performance reviews is very time consuming for both managers and employees. According to CEB, managers spend up to 200 hours per year on preparing and documenting for performance reviews. Over 63% of employees think end of year performance reviews are worth their of time. This can be prevented by using a performance management system that encourages frequent performance reviews than the traditional annual performance reviews. This reduces the burden on both managers and employees.

Creates Anxiety And Stress Among Employees

Performance evaluation discussions are the most stressful ones for employees and their supervisors. These conversations are anything but normal because they can make or break your future with your current organization. Needless to say, employees are at more stress than the supervisors, this leads in decrease of employee morale and might also result in disengagement of employees at work. To prevent this, encourage frequent feedback from employees and give them frequent feedback. Give them space to open up and conduct one on one meetings frequently.

The Process Is Complex

In most organizations, the process of performance evaluation is huge and confusing. Many organizations use performance review software to decrease the confusion caused by paper-based performance evaluation. Some software are also confusing, so it is important to find a software that is suitable for your organization and the number of employees.

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Can Be Ineffective

Sometimes performance reviews can be ineffective and inaccurate due to lack of proper metrics and various biases. Many times, employee performance reviews are done based on the memory of those who are doing the review, there isn’t a proper system from where proper employee metrics can be monitored and kept track of. Using a flexible performance review software could help the situation.

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One-way Communication

Performance evaluation is usually just a one-way communication from a manager to their employee. It is important to make the employee feel included to. A performance review should be a healthy discussion between two individuals who have something to contribute so that they can focus on the issues and make a plan on how to overcome them.