Human Resource department is the talent inventory of an organization. Besides hiring the most efficient sales staff, the Human resource department is also responsible for keeping them motivated and devoted towards sales. The role of Human Resource department in maintaining the sales force enthusiasm is often criticized and has been a center of the constant debate.

The human resource department has to find out ways to keep their sales force motivated and thus boost the productivity of the organization. If you are looking for effective ways to increase your sales force effectiveness, here are 5 ways that will help you attain assured results:

We all know that human resource department is responsible for talent acquisition. To ensure that you have an efficiently performing team, it is important that the human resource department has the knowledge of the company’s sales strategy. In-depth knowledge of the product and services of the company will help HR to acquire most suitable talent, sources for hiring and various attraction and retention methods.

Experts quote Strategy, Organization, and Talent as three important pillars of an efficient sales team. Human resource department has to contribute to all these three pillars to build a productive and effective sales team.

An organization has a team of professionals that play different roles. As per a study, which was done on a subject of 500,000 sales professionals it was identified that there are over 14 different types of sales role. Not only Human resource department must have the knowledge about these roles but should also be aware of their mutual work style and thus hire the best talent for the roles.

It is not necessary that you must hire additional talent for your organization. But, with effective evaluation of your current manpower, you can find suitable talent for different roles. The human resource department, after understanding the various roles in an organization, can evaluate the talent base of its organization and find out the best match of role and talent to ensure profitability. Immediate redeployment of talent can help in long-term career planning as well as job satisfaction.

“Sales organizations frequently spend too much time managing their top and bottom performers, at the expense of average performers,” said Sheridan from Chally Group. “Our experience suggests that the greatest financial benefits are achieved by addressing all three in a way that moves the middle.”

It is important that you have the clear differentiation of your workforce and effectively handles them to keep the middle segment moving.

Right position and right compensation are the two core driving factors for any sales force. You need to have a transparent appraisal system to boost the value of your sales force. Many organizations today rely on 360 feedback to help their employees get a fairer idea of their role; talent and accordingly their value for the organization which ultimately helps them self-evaluate and perform.