It is a responsibility of Human Resources department in a company to improve overall employee productivity. If they can do it right, the productivity of the company will increase. As a result, the company will find it as an easy task to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Below mentioned are some of the effective methods that human resource departments can follow with the objective of improving employee productivity.

1. Creating comfortable workstations

If the employees don’t find any comfort in their workstations, they will find it as a difficult task to complete their duties in a successful manner. Human Resources department should be aware of it. That’s why it is essential to create comfortable workstations for every employee. The HR team can get started with it by providing comfortable chairs to the employees. On the other hand, the HR team can ensure that all monitors are adjusted at the eye height. This will help the employees to stay away from becoming victims of back pain. There are some gadgets, which HR team can give to the employees to improve their productivity as well.  

2. Encouraging the employees to consume healthy food

HR team should encourage all employees to go ahead and consume healthy food items. If they make incorrect choices during the lunch time, they will become victims of frustrating health conditions. This is never good for the overall productivity of the company. Due to this reason, all employees should be encouraged to consume the right food items. If the employees find it as a difficult task to find healthy food options around the company, it is up to the HR team to find such food items for them.

3. Providing flexibility with time

Without restricting all employees to a 9-5 job, the HR team can think about introducing enhanced flexibility to the schedules of the employees. This has been identified as one of the best methods available for the HR team to improve overall productivity. Flexibility isn’t just associated with time. The HR team can think about introducing flexibility in the location as well. Then the employees will be able to work and take care of their other personal commitments, without worrying about anything. As a result, the overall productivity of the employees will increase.

4. Figuring out how happy the employees are

It is another important responsibility of the HR team in order to figure out how much happy the employees are. That’s because happy employees are 20% more productive when compared to unhappy employees. These figures have been verified through statistical experiments as well. If a majority of the employees at the workplace are not happy, then the HR team is not doing a great job. In such instances, the HR team should introduce appropriate methods to improve the happiness of the employees. This can contribute towards the overall productivity of the company as well.

5. Encourage the employees

All employees need to be encouraged properly in order to let them reach their maximum potential. Otherwise, the employer and the HR team are not doing the right job. For example, it is possible to conduct a workshop at least once a month to improve the morale and encouragement of the employees. On the other hand, it is possible for the HR team to have an employee appreciation day every single year and reward all the employees with a token for all the hard work that they have done. Such small tokens can definitely help employees to improve their overall productivity.

6. Letting employees hear them think

Noise pollution has become a major concern in the workplaces. This can create a tremendous impact on the employees who want to have hassle free working conditions. For example, employees who are engaged with proofreading will not be able to continue with their work due to the noise. That’s why it is important to introduce appropriate steps to reduce noise pollution within the offices. Air conditioning systems have been identified as the culprits for noise pollution. Therefore, it is important for the HR team to introduce appropriate steps to minimize the noise emitted by air conditioners.

7. Maintaining the perfect temperature

Just like the noise, the temperature should also be maintained at an appropriate level within the workplace. Otherwise, the employees will find it as a difficult task to focus on their day to day work. The temperature inside workplace should not be too hot or too cold. There should be a mild climate inside the workplace. Then the employees will be able to focus on their responsibilities without getting distracted by the temperature.

8. Getting to know about the Hawthorne effect

The HR team will have to get to know about the Hawthorne effect as well. The welfare activities at the workplace should be organized properly so that all employees will be able to focus on their work without any frustration. All physical and mental conditions that can create an impact on the productivity of the employees should be minimized. It is also possible to incorporate employee feedback throughout this process in order to make sure that all employees are happy at the end of the day.

9. Adjusting the lights

Finally, the human resources department will have to take appropriate steps to adjust the lighting inside at office. Employees will have to work in front of their computer screens throughout the day. If the screen is emitting glare, it will not be possible for them to work for longer hours. This will not just create a negative impact on the productivity, but can also create a tremendous impact on the health of the employees. Due to this reason, it is important to adjust the lights accordingly, so that glare is minimized. The light should also be bright and white.