Recently one of our clients emailed me, “… I am looking for an innovative way of managing employee performance. Every company that I have ever worked for, had laborious and lousy performance management policies. I have not heard of any company that is happy and has an exemplar PM process…”

I felt he had a fair point. Over my professional career, I’ve worked with companies that had very well-documented, well-processed performance management systems. On the flip side, I’ve worked with organizations whose systems were nothing but an uphill battle for their people and HR. I have also seen everything else in between… 🙂

A handful of companies – including GE, Deloitte, and Accenture – have built momentum by abandoning traditional performance management systems to work with technology and people, which makes me wonder: Is there a better way for us to connect people through technology and innovation?

I am wanting to know what my colleagues may consider a “good” model. Anyone feel like sharing a review of the best performance management model you experienced over the years, and why? Thanks in advance! 

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