The Great Resignation has taken America by storm as millions of professionals quit their jobs in 2021 and it’s continuing at a record-breaking rate. But there are solid reasons to not join the Great Resignation yet which you should consider seriously. 

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4.45 million workers quit their jobs in March of this year alone. 

And the reasons for this unprecedented quit rate are plenty, including the toxic company culture that affects mental health in the workplace, low salary, burnout, lack of balance between work and personal life, lack of career growth opportunities, and so on. 

Chances are that you have seen your colleagues quit for similar reasons or you, yourself, are considering leaving your present job. 

If yes, then before you take the leap, I want to share 5 strong reasons to not join the great resignation movement. 

Let’s see how sticking with your current job may benefit you. 

Top 5 Reasons to Not Join the Great Resignation in 2022

When colleagues and seniors are queuing up to quit the company for a remote work from home job, you might be benefited by choosing to stay in your current job. Here are 5 logical reasons to not join the Great Resignation. 

Take a look.

1. New and Unexpected Opportunities May Open Up 

One of the most convincing reasons to not join the Great Resignation and continue working for your present employer is this one. As key employees quit their jobs to move on to more exciting and better-paying jobs, the organizational structure is shaken. 

But this disruption creates unexpected opportunities around you. The positions that were once out of your reach, have suddenly become tangible. 

Companies look within for professionals who can potentially fill these key positions as this reduces the cost of hiring new talents.

For instance, you can hire the best pharma professionals to promote your company in their posts on the different HCP engagement platforms and get better engagements. They will create relevant and creative content and can mention your company in their posts.

At this moment, you can strategically present yourself to be a worthy consideration. By highlighting your skills, maintaining strong relationships, and gaining visibility, you can climb up to your dream position without leaving your company. 

2. You Can Laterally Move to A Project or Team of Your Choice 

One of the reasons to not join the Great Resignation is because companies are getting restructured and reorganized post the pandemic. This opens new doors for you to laterally move to another project or team which offers better exposure and learning opportunities.

If you are considering an internal career change, this is the ideal time to do so. As an employee who is choosing to stick around when many are leaving, you have an advantage. 

That’s why your employer is more likely to consider your request and allow you to move to another project than hire a new person for that position. 

And if you’re in the IT industry, you stand to benefit the most as staff augmentation in IT is a huge trend. You may get an opportunity to work with overseas teams and grow in your career with this. As a gesture of appreciation, you may even get a pay hike or additional benefits. 

3. You’re in a Great Position to Negotiate 

As we discuss the reasons to not join the Great Resignation, here’s something to get you excited. When you opt to stay, you are earning your employer’s trust and favor. 

You can approach your manager and ask for an open and professional discussion on how they can help you perform better for the company. 

Here’s where you can talk about workplace flexibility, remote working options, better financial support for employees, and, of course, a pay hike. 

Additionally, if your company uses an advocacy tool from Attrock list of the best employee advocacy tools to promote the business with taking help of your employees, you should consider letting the company know how your employees can promote them too and show your loyalty.

Let me tell you, companies are currently focused on retention and that’s why they may agree to many of your demands.

4. You Can Learn New Skills 

Choosing to stick around in your present company has another advantage. Employers always prefer training their existing employees to hire new ones as it takes less time and is cost-effective.

And as new positions get vacated in your company, you can request your managers to train you for a position of your interest and trust you with new responsibilities. It is a win-win situation for you and your employer. 

Presently, organizations are ready to invest in employees to tackle the professional skill crisis and to contribute to the individual’s career growth. 

If you have plans of pursuing higher education or a specific certification, you can discuss your personal development goals plans with your manager and request education and coaching support from the company too. 

By sticking to your current job, you are able to equip yourself for a better future. Now that’s one of the logical reasons to not join the Great Resignation.

5. You’re Not Ready for It 

If you have been asking yourself, “Should I quit?”, there are a few other questions you need to answer first. 

How are your finances placed? Do you have family obligations? Are you considering reskilling? What extent of change will the new job bring? Are you ready for it?

If you do not have clear answers to these crucial questions, then you need to refrain from quitting your job. First, think objectively and consider better and more exciting opportunities within your present company. 

If you are getting to learn new skills or move up the ladder without disturbing your world, then there is no reason for you to join the Great Resignation. 

Concluding Thoughts

By looking at these reasons to not join the Great Resignation, it is evident that the benefits of staying with your current employer are many. From upskilling to getting a better position in your company, there are a lot of advantages that you can get.

Before you quit your job or move on to another position, consider these reasons and make a wise decision.


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