During times of fierce competition and recovering economy, the main goal of every serious company is to increase the productivity of their employees. In order to achieve this progress it is important to create a dynamic and stress-free environment, so workers can complete their tasks on time while remaining fresh and happy. 

Productivity is tightly connected with motivation, and every manager should be well-educated in this field of human psychology. There are different ways to motivate employees so they can perform to their full potential. The text below will describe some of the most important steps every company should take if they want to keep employees motivated and productive.

Start from the gaming area

There’s no productivity without well-timed breaks and cooldown time. In order to increase productivity, you shouldn’t work hard, you should work smart. Every great HR manager knows that a happy employee is an industrious employee. Nothing makes people happy as space filled with various games. 

This type of room is nothing new, and most companies already have pool tables, darts, gaming consoles, and cozy bean bags scattered all around. On the other hand, this relaxing time can really refresh employees and strengthen their relationships, and they’ll work better as a team. 

Organize a night out

If your goal is to connect employees and ensure they have a great time while working together, go ahead and dedicate one day a week to catch a drink or two. This activity outside the office will help employees to bond, which will result in their better performance and cooperation during office hours. 

This day or night out doesn’t need to be over some drinks, it could be a company picnic or a visit to a famous museum in the area. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to let everyone about the date and location in advance. Organize transport, take care of catering and you’re good to go.

Keep the office clean

Nobody can be motivated and productive in a cluttered environment. Because of this, managers should contact a service that will clean the office after hours. In case you just started developing your company, organize all your staff to take care of cleaning before they go home.

This way, employees will always come to a clean and fresh office and be happy to thrive. Piles of documents, old mail, and personal stuff can really choke the office space, so make sure every flat surface is clear before leaving the office. 

Work on decoration

Employees are spending most of their waking hours in the office, and it is very important that they don’t hate that space. In order to make the interior attractive and interesting, you’ll need to take some time and invest it in decoration. 

While doing that, always think about your brand. If your employees can see colors and logo every moment, they’ll strongly connect with brand and productivity will increase. Keep the office spacey and bright so you can rest assured that your employees will do their best. 

Introduce an office pet

There are some studies which suggested animals can reduce stress, spark communication and actually increase productivity. This especially goes for dogs, so go ahead and acquire your first office pet. This dog will also help your employees to build trust among themselves, as another study showed. 
In addition, the trust will help to strengthen team cohesion and intimacy, which will also result in higher dedication and productivity. In the end, if you don’t want to buy an office dog, you can encourage your employees to bring their pets to work. 

Casual dressing day

One day a week should the day when employees have complete freedom to wear anything they like, as long it’s appropriate. Most companies go with casual Friday, but you can make it any day you want. These casual days will be fun, and people will feel relaxed and comfortable, and that will most certainly affect productivity. You’ll see a bunch of funny T-shirts, unusual hats, and colorful shoes. Smiles will be on all faces and nobody will have time to stress out. 

Introduce beer meetings

Every company is assembled of experienced and skilled workers and those that just started learning. Some companies decided to spend a few hours every Friday afternoon in a casual atmosphere over beers, while the most experienced ones are sharing knowledge with newbies. 

This stress-free time will help beginners to learn a lot in a friendly environment while sipping craft beer in the meeting area. This type of education is very effective, and you’ll see that knowledge shared will be applied in no time.

Sharing photos of children and pets

Every team is getting better and more productive if the bond between team members is strong enough. The best way to bring your employees together is to encourage them to share their family memories via photos. Some of them will share funny videos of their cats and dogs, and others will introduce their kids to the rest of the team. Either way, there will be a lot of smiles, and everybody will learn about others and their motivation to work. 

Encourage hobbies in office

Everyone has a hobby they love, and doing that for half an hour during work day will make them relaxed and happy. While relieving stress, hobbyists are thinking about a lot of things, and most of them will be about work. Don’t worry about a lost half hour because slowing down at work may help employees to unwind and come up with great solutions and ideas. This is another great way to bring people together, and see how they bond over common interests.

Final thoughts

Every chain is as strong as its weakest link, so give your best to forge it the right way. Keep your employees happy and connected and you’ll see how their productivity increase. Once they start thriving the company will get healthier and the revenue will increase as well. Do little thing for the staff and they’ll know how to thank you for that.

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