Imagine for a second a beautiful landscape, unspoiled and pristine. The experience is nothing shy of serene, isn’t it? Now look at a company that is beginning to form its cultural identity. The similarities are striking.

Both the landscape and the company have their own kind of untapped potential which has a myriad of possibilities, and this is where a true trailblazer is needed. This is the place where we separate the true leaders from those who merely lead. This is a time that needs a person possessed of a vision of where this virgin wilderness is going.

Have a Clear Vision

The best leaders are people this such vision. A great example of blazing a trail in business and workplace culture is Henry Ford. At the age of 13, he was given a pocket watch which he took apart and put back together. As a result he was able to understand that he wanted more than the already blazed trail of farming. So he became a machinist and eventually went into the automotive industry and changed the world with his innovation of the assembly line.

Ford did not just stop with the work process however. He paid his workers generous wages, and he offered profit sharing if they lived up to his prescribed code of ethics. In this way, he created a culture for his workers, where they could feel not only satisfied with their paychecks, but as a part of the whole. So, have a clear vision.

Take Initiative

Henry Ford, and men like him, are ones who have seen the terrain that lay before them, and being true leaders they recognize the importance of having a vision that can inspire people, and encouraging that vision leads to the development of a core set of values and practices under their guidance.

They also know how the importance of other people factors in to the generation of their story. Since they know the value of these things, they strive to develop a workplace where their culture can thrive.

What we learn from Ford is that being a trailblazer takes initiative on top of vision. A great leader does not just daydream, they act. It takes someone driven to take the reins and inspire others to see their vision. Vision alone did not revolutionize the world. Take initiative.

Emulate, Elevate, Innovate

A good example of this is Zappos. The vision they have of their work culture is one of positivity among employees and customers. The initiative shown by these trailblazers in their hiring process. Since their culture is so important, Zappos was one of the first to set up a policy of only hiring employees who would fit into their culture. This act guarantees that only people who have the company’s shared vision and values become a part of the culture.

It is this model that many successful companies throughout the world are moved to using. Other trailblazers have recognized the significance of how this method helps and even elevates their vision. They emulate to elevate on their way to innovate.

In It Together

They best leaders recognize that they should be right their working alongside those they lead, and their desired method of forming comradery builds off individuals who share a similar vision. The employee onboarding process is just one area of focus that companies can utilize to develop a shared vision, as every employee goes through the process.

This shared experience guarantees a sense that the leaders and the staff share the steps required to make their joint vision into a reality. It creates the sense that they are in it together.

Cultivating the Workplace Culture Like a Trail

The workplace a leader cultivates is just like a blazed trail, and these diverse companies and leaders share one thing despite their unique differences: They are all a part of great workplace cultures that began with someone who saw a beautiful landscape that inspired them.

These trailblazers not only exemplify their ideals, but continue to take initiative with them in mind. They walk the path, learn from others, and show others where to go, because guides are still needed after blazing the trail. A great leader continues to guide others down the trails they’ve blazed while blazing new trails and helping others find their way.