Keeping your workforce motivated and productive can be challenging and that’s the reason why you should pay attention to their health and wellbeing. Your employees are spending most of their day within the walls of your office space and you as an entrepreneur should give your best to improve that environment. 
There are ways to make employees feeling better and some of the most important ones are described in the text in front of you. Keep reading and learn how to keep your employees healthy and satisfied.



Work on company values

If you want dedicated and thriving workers you’ll need to create working space that will encourage them to embrace those characteristics. The most important company value should be philanthropy, which means that employees’ wellbeing is your most important goal. 

You should be collaborative and open when it comes to communication with your employees and they’ll know to respect that. Every person likes to be heard out so go ahead and ask your workers in what type of environment they feel the best. 

Work smart, not hard

Regardless of work volume, you should always think about employees’ feelings and talk with them once they stumble upon a problem that they can’t resolve before the due date. It is very important to keep people fresh and comfortable so they can save the strength and avoid burnout.

Bad feelings at the office can be avoided if the office is well-designed and organized. Think about working routines, team dynamic, desks, meeting rooms and recreational areas. All these combined will help you to keep employees agile and productive. 

Bring the nature inside

Another way to improve people’s wellbeing is to introduce plenty of natural light. This means that you’ll need big windows which will not only let the light in but provide workers with outside views. The research conducted by World Green Building Council showed that productivity can increase by 25% once you let the natural light in. 



In addition, go ahead and buy some plants and scatter them all around the company. Green color has a calming effect and big leaves will absorb most of the carbon dioxide from the air. At the end of this process, plants will release oxygen so your workers can remain focused and awake during working hours.

Sitting is unhealthy

It is hard not to notice that people sit more than they sleep. Your workers who sit for an average of 8 hours can really endanger their health. In order to avoid issues such as back pain, disrupted sugar levels or muscular problems, people should be in a sedentary position less than 4 hours a day. 
Investing in special furniture can help your employees to remain strong and healthy. Adjustable standing desks, sit-stand chairs, and balance boards are getting really popular in the modern workplace, so make sure to provide your employees with those options. 

Getting fit for work

A lot of people get stressed out on their way to the office. Encourage your workers to forget about cars and start riding bikes or walking to the work. This may be hard to accomplish but you can offer some incentives to those who accept the proposition. If they choose a healthy lifestyle, their bodies will be stronger and relieved of stress. 

Of course, some people have medical issues and different prescriptions so they can’t work out as others. If some of them are using medicinal marijuana, make sure to let them take the therapy within the business hours, but make sure it’s according to the company and building policy.


Creating a healthy working environment may come with some extra expenses, but you shouldn’t think about money when it comes to your employees’ health and wellbeing. Do whatever you can to improve working conditions and you’ll see how stress levels are decreasing and productivity is increasing. Spending few bucks on healthy options will repay in the long run, and keep your workers motivated and happy.

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