So the kids are well and truly back at school now after the half term so we can all go back to being the grownups we are meant to be at work… Or can we?  Maybe the “playground antics” have rubbed off!  Doesn't it sometimes feel like all the drama that goes on at work is more like being in a playground!

All too often going into the office is like being back at school, there is always that “he said she said” mentality floating about, raised voices in meetings, sulking at desks or even crying in the coffee room (and I have had my fair share of all of them) and this is happening in workplaces all over the place, but it really doesn't have to be like that does it…

Working in HR you really get to see a lot of this from all different angles and there are some rules we could all try to adopt to stop even a little of this happening, and turn our offices back in to a “grownup land”!

So remember this….

Its not all about you! – Ok a bit blunt I know, but it’s not. You are part of something bigger, a business… and one that needs to be profitable. It takes more than one person to do that, and everyone’s needs must be considered.

Don’t take part in Chinese whispers – Ok so you’ve heard something about someone, it doesn’t mean you have to share it with them or anyone else for that matter. Remember it may not be true and if you share it you will always be the one that looks bad, so just steer clear.

It’s not personal if someone disagrees with you – I am hugely guilty of this and always take everything personally, but what we have to remember is, we don’t always see the bigger picture and what affects others and besides it is OK to have an opinion.

You don’t have to be friends to have a good relationship – You can get on with your work colleague and even take an active interest in their life but you don’t have socialise with them outside of the office, so if your personalities are different that’s ok!

Learn to listen as well as talk – Other people have valuable things to say too and you never know their ideas might just be better than yours.

Take it on the chin when things go wrong – DON’T bring the whole team down with you. How many times do you hear “well such and such did it too etc”. The boss probably already knows anyway, so don’t make others look bad, just learn from the mistake.

You don’t have to scream to be heard – Shouting in meetings just shuts everyone down and there is no positive progress to be made.

And Lastly Celebrate others successes – Don’t sulk because you’re not the one in the spotlight; remember you are all working towards the same goal the success of the business.

I hope this is helpful and makes us take a step back before we react in a certain way, after all we're adults aren’t we?