The technology associated with recruiting is changing at rapid speed, and it can feel overwhelming for human resources teams to know what new developments are worthwhile to implement into their practices. Issues like background checks, interviews,  managing employee referrals,  and finding recruiters can be a strain on your HR department and its resources without the right technology. Here are a few ways recruiting technology is allowing for more efficient HR processes.

Background checks

Background check sites and technology range from the simple reporting to more complex employee histories. Your organization’s human resources department can utilize new technology in the background check sector to empower your business with an easier path to hiring trustworthy and suitable employees.

Chekr is a well-established industry player and has over 10,000 businesses using its background check services. Checkr is mobile friendly and possesses an intuitive design, even using color coding to make sure reports are easy to use and understand

Video interviews

Today’s job force is scattered across the globe as teams are less limited and constrained by borders. Remote workers, freelancers, and more are becoming a natural and critical part of many businesses teams. A solid video interviewing platform enables your HR team to reach top talent in a flexible and accessible manner. Online video interviews are a critical resource-saving alternative to more traditional interviews where candidates and employers are required to meet face to face. One of the most heard complaints from human resources teams is often the “no-show” candidates that waste valuable time in scheduling processes. 

Refrek is a great option for an efficient video interviewing platform. Refrek offers a bank of interview questions and templates, giving your hiring team structure and direction without spending valuable resources putting a plan together. Human resource professionals can also custom design interviews with ease, ensuring the ability to make an intelligent and well-informed hiring decision.

Identify the right recruiters

Today, companies are turning towards a more holistic hiring approach considering not only employee qualifications but also how candidates align with company culture and core values. In addition to this, the human resources team must effectively communicate the position, publish, sift through thousands of resumes, deal with no-show interviews, and more.

HR managers can now be matched with the best recruiters, and find the right recruiter or recruiting firm for their business’s needs according to industry, location or niche. Recruiters Lineup takes into consideration your organization’s unique requirements in order to deliver you to recruiters, headhunters and staffing agencies that will be your effective and invaluable partner in bringing in top talent.

Employee referral software

Employee referral software is a great tool to use your current team to find and recruit talent your organization might otherwise miss out on. Your organization has already assembled a great time of highly qualified talent, and their industry knowledge, connections, and network can be of great advantage to your next candidate search.

Jobvite is an employee referral software that enables current employees to connect with their own social networks and contacts through social media. Instead of wasting hours on job boards, Jobvite offers a feature allowing employees to send private invitations to their personal and trusted network and friends through social media. Jobvite also tracks the company’s best referrers and employment leads.