The HR industry is one of the sectors that benefitted the most when it comes to new software and technology nowadays, as it introduced innovative and faster ways to pool, process, and hire applicants.

What’s more is that once they become part of the company, it makes it easier for HR and IT managers of small to medium-sized enterprises to handle their employees’ absence.

Absence management is an electronic form of requesting and receiving of filed leaves. After entering it in the system, it goes directly to the manager or supervisor for approval.  

According to an article published on Fresh Business Thinking, UK companies lose around £29 billion annually. Either on the aspects of finance or productivity, it affects the rest of your company.

Here are some reasons you should give great value to your company’s absence management:

1.     You quickly identify absence trends.

If you are a huge company, then it’s hard to track the absences of your employees manually. In line with this, it makes your records susceptible to errors which would affect your employees’ payroll. These absence trends are a part of the improvements you can do for employee performance reviews.

2.     You increase your employee’s productivity.

Naturally, the less absence your employee takes, you can expect higher productivity and efficiency from them. They can put in more work and output that would most definitely benefit your company.

Furthermore, you can see in the absence management system who are aiming for perfect attendance. You can generate rewards and incentives for these employees. You should take note that if your employee’s productivity is affected, then it’s a sign that they’re unhappy.

Moreover, an employee’s absence can spread to the rest of the team. This can result in your team having a low morale, a knowledge gap, and a lack of teamwork and collaboration.

3.     You gain your employee’s trust through transparency.

Your employees can access the absence management system by themselves and see the reflection of their absences in their payroll. In this manner, you can reduce the complaints and present credible data if they really decide to contest their payroll.

By gaining their trust, you can foster an enjoyable workplace culture.

4.     You reduce manual process.

The absence management automation leaves little to no amount of mishandled data. You can make sure that whenever there’s a discrepancy, you can always trace it back.

An automated process provides an updated and accurate data from the very first day you decide to implement an absence management system.

After knowing the various reasons you should have an absence management in your company, it’s up to you to pick the right software to implement with your employees. Surely, you’re addressing the possible problems your company might face now and in the near future.


Some companies look at absences as the initial sign of a bigger problem. When your employees start to take absences, you should evaluate if there some things your company should improve on