This Valentine’s day, why not spend a little time thinking about ways to boost your employee’s trust in you and your company? It is has been well documented that when workers feel secure and happy, they produce better results. The success of your business hinges in large part on the quality of their work. When you work to build employee trust, you enlist key allies in your quest to improve your bottom line.

Here are 5 ways you can improve employee trust and loyalty:

Invest in your staff

This is so important. The better trained your staff is, the better they will accomplish any goals you set for the company. Investing in their professional and personal development will make them feel valued and the company will reap the rewards in the future. You could sponsor guest speakers, certificate courses, CPD qualification or schedule regular sessions where they can joing in and develop their skill-sets.

Give Feedback

Feedback is more important than people give credit for. It can help you steer your staff in the right direction and also show them that you are paying attention to their work. Constructive feedback can help employees understand their weakness and improve upon them and good feedback will reinforce the best aspects of their behaviour.

Open communication

As a manager or business owner, it is your duty to really listen to your workforce and understand their ideas and situations. Opening more than one channel of communication is an amazing way to gather new ideas and fresh perspectives, you and your company will benefit from this. By making yourself available to your employees, you are making yourself a part of team- as a democratic leader who wants to grow as a team, rather than a taskmaster only interested in the bottom-line.

Encourage team building exercises

Join your team in team building exercises and activities so that you get to know them in different situations. Here are some ideas you could try within your organisation. You can improve employee engagement in your organisation by looking at and seeking to improve the employee experience. This Valentines day may be the perfect excuse to whip out some trust games.

Create a safe work environment

People work better when they feel safe and looked after. Ensure your health and safety policies are up to date and you are monitoring workers with special needs e.g. Young workers, returning mothers or people who have any type of disability. You could do thing through a HR software which uses welfare Tags to inform you about employees who may need extra TLC and also make sure everyone is informed about your policies. Encourage a strong safety culture within your organisation.


This is just a start, and a lot more can be done to encourage trust from your employees. We hope this valentines day you create a bond with your employees, helping them grow and blossom with your company.

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