Two steps back before even thinking about a management style or a way for dealing with employees, it is all started with some Questions spinning in my head about “the Employees” aim to know what is behind your employee’s performance.

Your goal, as a responsible, shouldn’t only be to reach a high performance or to repeat this performance but to know what behinds this performance to know clearly the factors that affects the performance… to know what works for the performance to enhance it and what works against the performance to root it out, then to make the performance equation for each employee (that is one of the main target/goals of Employee Based Management).

So, I am not going to write an article for you, but you will write your article using through your answers because you are the one who will make/create/craft your Employee Based Management not anyone else. Employee based Management just shows the directions then you go.


Answer the following questions regarding to/ depending on:-

  1. Your perception system.
  2. Believes and values.

In Why-Section just show the reasons behind your answer of the first   part of the question.

“Keep on asking by why question till reaching the roots” Hazem Hassan



In Task-Employee Relationship

You assigned a Task to your Employee so answer these five following question in terms of process

  1.  Why does this task?
  2.  Why this employee for this task?
  3.  What is your input?
  4.  What is your employee input?
  5.  How to use your input to influence positively and effectively your employee’s input?


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