It is rare for HR to find that they are involved in the procurement of software. That tends to be the domain of IT, as any software that a company decides to purchase would need technical support and have to be able to ‘talk’ to the existing legacy infrastructure. Software can also seem quite daunting for non techie types – code is a completely different language.

The term ‘cloud’, however, is disrupting technology as we know it. Most of us use the cloud in some sense in our personal lives – if you have Apple technology, you use the iCloud. If you like editing your holiday photos on Photoshop, you’ve probably paid the monthly subscription fee to Adobe’s Creative Cloud. The cloud is something that HR can absolutely be involved in, and it’s helped create specific HR software that can benefit all kinds of HR processes, including everything from payroll to recording absence. So why should you choose cloud based HR software? Because it can bring huge value to your business.

Below we have created a list of reasons HR should be investing in HR software.

What are the benefits of cloud based HR Software?

There are clearly many advantages to using cloud software. It offers a flexible and responsive solution to your HR requirements and will allow you as an HR practitioner to stop shuffling paper and focus on doing what you do best!

So if you’re not already using cloud based HR software… what are you waiting for?

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