How many times have you heard a coworker say they spend more time with you than their family? What's worse, it’s probably true. So if a happy wife leads to a happy life, think of the tremendous benefit of a fun, joyful work place. It provides a win-win-win situation. Employees win when they actually enjoy their career and have the respect of management.  The business wins because happiness leads to creativity which leads to success. The Customer wins by having a Representative who truly cares.

A joyful workplace is fearless. Associates must be allowed to let their creativity flow without concern for their future. Open communication is essential which requires honesty which can only occur with responsive management.

 A joyful workplace is involved. The path will, of course, have its twists and turns. Some will lead to successful outcomes while others not so much. Associates must be reminded that failure is always an option and is okay. The key is to catch the small, little errors. With everyone’s involvement there will be no major fires to put out which will make everyone happy.

A joyful workplace promotes work life balance. As the issues become smaller they are resolved a great deal earlier.  Even you can leave on time.

A joyful workplace promotes resolution at the lowest level. Members should feel comfortable that their decision will be supported by Management. Employees must feel empowered or they will lose interest rather quickly which would be the worst thing to happen. Everyone must feel engaged and valued in their role.

A joyful workplace promotes an environment where Management is seen as a benefit not a hindrance. People must see Management as a tool to promote personal success. After all, only through grooming a replacement can Management move.

A joyful workplace uses the ‘buddy system.” When working in pairs collaboration leads to a tremendous amount of knowledge sharing and a transfer of skills. Who hasn’t noticed that two heads are truly better than one? It breaks down walls and fosters communication.

A joyful workplace extends beyond the office. Through the Team’s positive attitude a community is developed which further fosters the vibe. Again, a win-win-win for all concerned. The Employees win because they see their nature rubbing off on others. The business wins because a growing community leads to growing sales. The community wins because they feel happy with the business relationship.

So, a joyful workplace is:


A joyful workplace promotes:
Decisions at the appropriate level
A sense of community

To retain and foster great talent corporations need to move in this direction. Gone are the days where bosses dictate and workers put in 9 to 5. Americans are searching for a work/life balance and implementing these joyful steps will bring us closer.