To ensure company culture is aligned with the collaboration solutions employed by workplaces, today’s leaders must invest in technologies that drive engagement, understand the unique differences across their workforce and implement inclusive policies. This will also ensure that every member of the team does their most effective and productive work, wherever and whenever that may be.

Recent research from cloud-based communications platform Fuze reveals that organisations are implementing the latest technology to reach peak workplace productivity, facilitating an overall cultural shift in how we work.

Incorporating global usage data, ‘The ‘Productivity @ Work’ report reflects on engagement with the Fuze platform by more than five million workers across Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA. This includes 2.5 million meetings, 20 million calls, and 33 million messages.

The report’s key findings are as follows:

The Fuze report also uncovers how technology can improve communication and collaboration processes and enable workers to be more productive. Key data and insights include:

Having already impacted the customer experience and daily lives on consumers, technology will now continue to reshape the workforce, influencing worker preferences and the growing desire for flexible work policies.

Unprecedented connectedness and consumer-level experiences will be essential to keep the future workforce engaged and productive. Technology leaders must redesign and invest in workplace innovation now to support tomorrow’s distributed, dynamic and on-demand workforce.