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Coffee Break: Managing teams, robo recruiters and offices for introverts


We've spent another week cherry-picking our favourite blogs, tweets and articles for your Friday reading pleasure, aren't we nice?

Let us know your thoughts on the articles below, and if you have any other tips for pieces we should read!


– Businesses are embracing the idea of teams. Managing them is hard (The Economist)

Don't call it employee engagement – call it employee experience (Donna Burchaell, LinkedIn)

Let's talk about engagement, not loyalty (Business 2 Community)

Not for profit

Employee engagement in the thid sector (Jasmine Gartner, LinkedIn)

– Can the Buurtzorg model of care be adapted to the UK? (Public World Consulting)

Concerns of a charity chameleon (Third Force News)


Can offices be designed for introverts? (TED blogs)

Culture counts big in solving the gender pay gap (Talent Management)

How AI will serve us in the workplace (CMS Wire)


How 'robo recruiters' could affect your job prospects (BBC)

Millenials lead the charge for greater diversity in the workplace (Launchpad)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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