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Coffee Break: Swearing, gratitude and what you need to know about the freelance economy


It's time for us to top up your plate with some fresh helpings of HR news, opinion & research.

We've got another great selection of articles & blogs from across the industry for you to peruse over your 10 minute break, so get comfortable and start reading!


4 things recruiters need to know about the freelance economy (Recruitment & Employment Confederation)

– KPMG changes graduate interviews to suit millennials (BBC News)

– Why you should interview people who turn down a job with your company (HBR)

Is professional ghosting the new 'no'? (HR Bartender)

– Lessons learned in recruiting on LinkedIn (Sukh Pabial)


What happens when you empower employees instead of micromanaging them? (Entrepeneur)

Yammering away at the office: good thing or distraction? (The Economist)

Swearing at work might be good for your career (BBC News)

10 reasons HR thinks employees are crazy (Tim Sackett blog)


– 93% recognise link between health and employee performance (Employee Benefits)

Practicing gratitude is good for business (People Development)

– Family, friends and work seen as having biggest impact on mental wellbeing (NatCen)


– How to create a corporate culture that champions a team of equals (Mashable)

– The 6 building blocks of organizational structure (Hubspot)

The secret to getting the salary your deserve (BBC News)

– Is poor organizational culture a symptom of flawed systems? (The Simple Shift)

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Shonette Laffy

Deputy Editor

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