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HR titles are disappearing and here’s why


Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan and author of The Future of Work thinks that traditional HR titles are disappearing.

Why is this happening? Partly it’s the language…

“The reason for this,” says Jacob, “lies in the term ‘Human Resources’. The title sounds makes employees sound like they are fruits – lemons that companies should squeeze every ounce of juice out of. That way of thinking about employees and work is outdated.”

But he adds it’s not only about the language. The world is also changing.

“This is not just about changing the title, it is about changing what the function is designed to do.”

“That is no longer just focusing on policies, reviews, hiring and firing.”

“Instead, the function is about how to engage and empower employees, designing employee experiences, and thinking about the workplace and how it is changing. The goal is to change the mentality to shift away from creating an environment where we assume people need to work there, to creating an environment where people want to work at an organization.

“The future of HR will be about shifting from need to want, from utility to experience.”

If you’re interested in the transformation of the HR function, we have interviewed several senior HR professionals with ‘non-traditional’ HR titles on their own experience:

Take a look at the full video with Jacob to find out more.

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  1. I believe a fundamental
    I believe a fundamental review of language within HR and how to communicate it to the whole organisation is crucial. Functions within HRM evolve as we as people in the workplace do. It is by nature a transient role.

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