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HR Zone Newswire # 1 – Special launch issue, feature interview


100 newswires ago, this is how HR Briefing started!


HR Zone Newswire – Issue 1
6 July 2000


This is the launch issue of the new HR Zone Newswire. HR Zone
complements the existing TrainingZONE website and focuses on
employment, legislation, personnel and human resource issues.

This first issue is sponsored by – a leading
provider of performance-based business and professional skills
training delivered over the Internet.



1. Interview: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
2. Leaked memo to the DTI secretary
3. IR35 an accounting issue or an employment issue?
4. Unions and employers work in partnership
5. The French have it right on Labour says TUC



View from the HR Zone
Once upon a time, in a distant company the owners of the business
looked about them, and saw that business life was good. We are in
good times they said, the economic climate is good, the consumer
has money to spend, let us capitalise on these prosperous times.

And thus, as they spoke, so it was done. The Managing Director of
the company was promoted sideways, and a new Managing Director
was appointed. The new MD had been the Sales Director within a
competitor company, and lo, it was not long before money was being
spent on marketing activities, on overseas conventions, on local
and national sponsorship deals and on recruitment. For some time
the company prospered, and there was great rejoicing and slapping
of backs.

One day however, a new shareholder said, But wait! Is it not the
case that we are spending much? Are our coffers not diminishing?
Do we not spend excessively on our branches? Look around you my
fellow company owners, are not the consumers becoming deeper in
debt? Are not our competitors likely to become more efficient
than us? There was great dismay amongst the shareholders, What
shall we do? they cried. Let us prepare for hard times, said the
new shareholder.

And thus, as they spoke, so it was done. The Managing Director of
the company was offered early retirement, and a new Managing
Director was appointed. The new MD had been the Finance Director
within a competitor company, and lo, it was not long before
operational budgets were being cut, recruitment suspended,
research curtailed and capital expenditure subjected to board
reviews. The company paid dividends to the shareholders and there
was rejoicing in the city and much slapping of backs.

One day however, a new shareholder said, But wait! Is it not the
case that we recruit people into the company, we train them,
we pay them and they help us with the company! Is not our whole
existence as a company made up of the intelligence of these
people? Should we not recognise that our company relies on
people for its very existence?

The other shareholders were impressed, Yes indeed , they said,
People are our greatest asset! What should we do to capitalise
on this? they cried.

The new shareholder said, You must appoint a new MD who knows
about human resources, about knowledge management! Someone who can
look at people management from a strategic point of view, who can
change cultures, and attract and retain people to the company so
that they will give us the competitive edge through the bust and
boom cycles.

The shareholders looked puzzled. Get real! they said, do you
really think an HR person will get to be an MD?

What do you think?

Jon Seaton
Editor HR Zone

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Latest News

Feature Interview with the CIPD
The Institute of Personnel and Development this week became the
Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development. HR Zone spoke
to Head of the CIPD's Head of External Affairs, Nick Isles, about
what the change means and the future of HR and people management.

IR35 an accounting issue or an employment issue?
When IR35 was first highlighted in Chancellor Brown's budget of
1999, it was thought that it would be an accountancy issue. The
real issue, however, whether a particular individual is going to
be found to be a 'disguised employee' or not will rest on
employment law.

Unions and employers work in partnership
Unions and employers in Yorkshire are extolling the virtues of
partnership telling a conference in Leeds how this new spirit of
co-operation is signalling success for bosses and workers alike in
the region.

The French have it right on Labour says TUC
Its fashionable to reject an awful lot of what Europe is offering
the UK at the moment. The TUC however say that we would do well to
learn about labour market policies from the French governments.

Leaked memo to the DTI Secretary
A memo leaked to the Guardian from the DTI warns that Britain's
manufacturing heartlands face "meltdown" unless the cabinet
declares that membership of the single European currency is
inevitable. The memo warns, "We must expect significant high-
profile closures. The impact of this will be felt
disproportionately in manufacturing heartland regions .

UK Literacy and Numeracy strategies amongst the best in the world.
School standards minister Estelle Morris has praised an
international study that extolled the National Literacy and
Numeracy Strategies as one of the most comprehensive education
reform programmes in the world.


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Here's an example of some of our member's current queries:

1. What's the best layout for an IT training room?
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2. Those Golden Goals!
Some researchers investigated graduates of Yale in 1953 and asked
how many had set written life goals. Only 3% had – or so the story
goes. Can anyone point me to the original research behind this

3. Managing in style!
Where can I get hold of the self-assessment and supporting theory
of the management model which includes the roles: analytical,
driver, amiable etc? Any help would be much appreciated.


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