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HRZone relaunch: The transformation begins!

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After a long wait, the new HRZone is nearly here!

We’ve already shared the reasons behind the redesign in our earlier update, we also got your feedback on what you want to see from the site in our survey, and now we can finally begin the process of switching the site over to its new look, how very exciting.

Before we can move all of the articles, user accounts and assorted bits and bobs to the new site platform, we have to make the first step of putting the new site layout in place – think of it as the website equivalent of when the guy in An American Werewolf in London first starts noticing the strange hairs on his hands, before the full-on werewolf stuff kicks off.

So, from early doors on Wednesday 11th February you’ll notice a change in the navigation of the site. We think the new layout is far more helpful and straightforward, and we hope you’ll think so too.

How will it look different?

Well, when the whole site re-launches next week, we’ll no longer be using the familiar menu options of ‘News & Features’, ‘Blogs’ ‘Library’ etc, but will instead group together topics and themes according to what we think our readers will need when they visit the site.

The top navigation bar on HRZone will be split into four key areas, which are then broken down further as follows:


  • Acquisition
  • Retention
  • Development


  • Business
  • People


  • Employees
  • Managers
  • Customers


  • Culture
  • Change
  • Strategy
  • Future

We've tried to make the new site even more intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to find as much interesting and relevant content as possible.

From Wednesday 11th, you’ll still seed the familiar ‘News & Features,’ ‘Blogs,’ ‘Library’ but the sub-topics below those, which are currently topics such as Technology, Recruitment, Reward , will turn into the new sub-topics listed above, such as Culture, Change, Strategy and Lead.

This is happening so that some of the technology behind the new site can start building up data to make it more effective when the full site launches.

What else will be changing, and when?

Once the new navigation is in place, we can move on to the big move. The all singing all dancing site will launch on Monday 23rd February, with lots of exciting new features and content.

We’ll be communicating the key changes throughout this week, so keep an eye out for our other features, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Looking good!

    Having had a look at the taxonomy choices you've made, I think it's definitely the right move in helping people find the content that is relevant to both their interests and their professions. Can't wait for the full launch on Feb 18th!

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