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In a Nutshell: Five ways to make the right impression when hiring talent


Every business wants to hire the best talent, but the problem is that the best talent can be selective.

As a result, Olivia Hill, head of HR at the Association of Accounting Technicians, believes that it’s important for employers to give jobseekers the right impression during the recruitment process and shares her insights into how to do so:
1. Ensure you make a good impression
In the current market, it’s important for employers to give a good impression in order to attract the best possible ‘talent’. Simple things such as ensuring a seamless interview process go a long way towards achieving this goal because remember that, although you’re assessing their ability, they’re also assessing you and the business.
2. Know exactly what you’re looking for
Evaluate carefully whether you are making the most of the interview process in order to ensure that you find the right person for the job. Even more importantly, make certain that you understand the requirements of the role for which individual divisions or teams are recruiting. Don’t be afraid to put candidates through a rigorous interview process and to introduce tests, if necessary. Hiring someone too quickly can be dangerous.
3. Do your homework
Look beyond the CV – spend time researching potential candidates and the organisations for which they’ve worked. Make sure that you identify the specifics of the job role that are essential and tailor your questions accordingly. Also take the time to find out about applicants’ personal interests as such an approach will show that you are attempting to understand who they are and what makes them tick.
4. Consider team dynamics
People are often recruited for their technical skills alone but end up parting company with their employer due to personality clashes or inadequate social skills. Fitting in with the team should be a key consideration during the interview process and will help to ensure that new recruits stay in the role and add value to the business.
5. Give good feedback
High unemployment rates and the fact that the UK is in a double dip recession mean that it’s only fair to give candidates concise feedback if they are not successful. It not only gives a good impression of the organisation, but also enables the individual concerned to rethink and adapt their approach to try and ensure success in future.

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