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News: why we’re all totally stressed out!!!


One in five workers are too busy to take lunch breaks, according to report which aims to lift the lid on the true state of the nation’s workplace health.

The survey by charity the British Heart Foundation (BHF) revealed employees felt let down by their bosses who didn’t prioritise their wellbeing or care about their health.
One in five respondents admitted they were totally deskbound during work hours and took no physical exercise, resorting to caffeine and chocolate to boost flagging energy levels. Almost half said they felt stressed every day.
These high stress levels were borne out by absence figures which showed an increase in stress-related time off over the past year. More than a quarter (27%) of organisations reported stress as a top five cause of absence, yet were doing nothing to combat it.
The BHF has released these results ahead of its National Heart Month and to encourage people to sign up for their free Health at Work programme.
Lisa Purcell, project manager for the BHF’s Health at Work programme, said: “We spend 60% of our day at work and it’s time for employers to make health and wellbeing an essential part of the working day.”

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  1. Responsibility

     ‘Employees felt let down by their bosses who didn’t prioritise their wellbeing or care about their health"?

    Surely it’s down to each individual to make sure that regardless of their working situation – they out their personal health first. As far as employers are concerned, it’s diffulcult to gauge an employee’s stress levels without any obvious indications. It ties in with my latest article Could You Be Happier At Work?

    In my opinion no’one is more responsible for your health than you.


    Nathan Pearson – Smith

    Twitter: @NathanPearsonWH

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