With many of us having been thrust into a whole new way of working in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re finding ourselves facing many challenges to our productivity – children distracting us, being confined to a small space with others in close proximity, technical hiccups and poor ergonomics, to name a few.

But we’re also opening ourselves up to a potentially new way of working in the future – one that allows people to do their work in a way that enables them to give their best. Be that at home, the office, in a cafe or co-working space, or while travelling. And be that during the usual nine to five, a morning stint for early birds, a later shift for the night owls, or just whenever in the day as long as the job gets done.

In this episode of HRZone’s All Hands on Tech podcast, our host Dr Max Blumberg spoke to Blaire Palmer, CEO of That People Thing, about both the kind of remote work we’ve been propelled into in recent weeks, and another more favourable remote working world that we may find employers embracing once the pandemic is behind us.

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As a digital nomad and single mother who has spent many years homeschooling her daughter, Blaire has a vast amount of experience to share on what good remote working looks like.

Max and Blaire discuss:

For those listeners who are currently working from home with their children, Blaire has set up a Facebook group that provides advice, support and resources for working parents during the 2020 Covid-19 outbreak. 

You can listen to the conversation now on Soundcloud, Apple, Spotify and Stitcher.

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