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Register early for the Culture Pioneers Awards 2021

Showcase your achievements in reshaping company culture!

After a truly inspiring inaugural year, we are delighted to announce that we will soon begin our search for the Culture Pioneers of 2021. Both our team and our Culture Pioneers Ambassadors were blown away by the standard and variety of stories we received last year.

We had hoped to hear from a wide range of companies with very different challenges and solutions and the response far exceeded our expectations. Thank you so much to all who took part and all who supported this important programme.  

Introducing the Culture Pioneers Awards programme

As we inch closer to a post-pandemic world of work (answers on a postcard as to what that might look like!) we want the Culture Pioneers initiative to evolve and progress. We want the programme to be a fixture in our community where we can gather and share our experiences and inspire others to continuously nurture their company culture. 

As part of this, we have decided to evolve the Culture Pioneers campaign into an awards programme. We feel this offers additional opportunities to celebrate our community’s individual and group achievements and helps to raise the profile of those committed to building healthy, thriving cultures. 

The Culture Pioneers Awards programme isn’t about ‘best in show’ or honouring so-called transformational initiatives that require significant financial investment or plentiful PR activities. We are looking for ideas, strategies and programmes that have created real, meaningful change. We want to hear about the activities that have led to results that matter, for the people that matter.   

The Culture Pioneer categories

From the 4th May 2021, you and/or your team will be able to apply for the Culture Pioneers Awards. It’s free to enter and there are four categories you can choose from…

Wellbeing Award

This award is for organisations that are consistently improving and evolving their employee wellbeing strategy and are taking a more holistic approach to support the mental, emotional, financial and social needs of their workforce. We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working towards creating an environment that cultivates energy, psychological safety, resilience and adaptability.

Inclusion Award

The Culture Pioneer of Inclusion Award is for organisations that are on the journey towards creating meaningful, sustainable improvements in workplace inclusion and belonging. We’re looking for people leaders and teams who are working to create a psychologically safe environment in which every employee feels respected and valued as their authentic self within the business.

Learning Award

The Learning Award is for businesses that are working towards cultivating a culture that proactively supports the way that their organisation learns, adapts and grows. We’re seeking applications from people leaders and teams who can demonstrate the proactive steps they are taking to harness and build business-critical skills and capabilities across the organisation.

Innovation Award

Finally, the Innovation Award is for companies that are embracing innovative, potentially unconventional practices to ensure the business and its people continue to thrive, particularly in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re inviting people leaders and teams to apply if they have been fostering a fail-safe, agile environment in which employees feel empowered to be curious, to openly share ideas and to innovate.

Register your interest and be among the first to enter

Be the first to hear when the award entries platform goes live by registering your interest early here! 

You can also find out more details about our judging panel, how to enter and what we’re looking for from entrants on our website.  If you have any questions or are interested in supporting the programme please don’t hesitate to get in touch

We’re looking forward to hearing about the culture change journey that you and your organisation has been on. 


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Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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