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The naked office is recruiting


A software company in Amersham has shown naked ambition by advertising jobs for “attractive, young” sales people and web programmers who are happy to work in the buff.

Nude House, which was set up in 1977 by naturist Chris Taylor and is a division of a larger firm Songbird, sells a promotional ecommerce application called ‘Move your Mouse’. The software enables customers to display ‘hot spot’ images on their web sites that provide additional information such as descriptions of products or links to email addresses when users place their mouse over them.
Taylor, who believes the firm is the only one in the world to offer proper employment opportunities to fellow naturists, is now looking for ‘lots of very attractive, nude young girls – 20-39’, who he warns should be practising naturists, to sell its software.
The company is also looking for “attractive young, nude men’ to perform the same function, although no age range is specified, and a number of web coders are likewise required.
The job advert for programmers was advertised on the Craigslist jobs forum, but the rest are also displayed on the company’s web site, which cautions: ‘You will be totally nude at all times in the Nude-House office’.
A web page for new applicants also helpfully stipulates: ‘Nude means no clothes whatsoever and no shoes either’, adding ‘Each of you – male or female – will behave decorously.’
Taylor told the Buckinghamshire Advertiser: “There is no other company in the world that does anything like this for naturists where you can do a serious job naked. The response we’ve had so far has been modest, but we would like to take more people on.”
The aim is to recruit up to 17 staff and interviews will be held in the nude so that he is certain people will feel comfortable in the office environment, which will be heated to an ambient 23 degrees.
Andrew Welch, commercial manager of British Naturism, gave credit to Taylor for “creating an environment where naturism could happen”, although he added: “It doesn’t sound like it would be terribly successful but an idea like this would generate a lot of attention and interest.”

3 Responses

  1. This does not seem legitimately nudist

    As a nudist and AANR member I’d advise potential employees not to apply to this site if they consider themselves nudists. By this I mean people who enjoy the freedom of being in their own skin — without sexual activity. For more information on this concept, please consult a legitimate nudist organization such as

    This business does not sound legitimately nudist because the owner is looking for only "attractive" people to hire. This is not in keeping with nudist values of accepting everyone as they are. Plus, looking only for attractive people sends the message that the employees will be observed by people looking for some sort of sexual thrill. Again, not in keeping with nudist values.

    I suspect that if any business based their hiring solely on people’s "attractiveness," that would violate employment laws.

    Also, I would check whether this business is a member of a legitimate nudist organization. If this business truly cares about a safe environment for its nudist employees, this is a must. There is no mention of any membership in this article.

    Finally, if this business is sexually oriented, they have a right to be, but this should be stated up front, and the owner should not present his enterprise as being nudist. The product sounds interesting, but employees should not be used in this way just to get attention.

  2. Is this a late April’s Fool gag?

    — Marshy


    why do they need to be attractive either?  Surely this is a call centre vacancy they are advertising rather than say "door to door"!


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