All change suffers from the same blind spot – are we unable or unwilling to deal with it?

You are never clear what the employees impacted by a change , really think and feel about that particular change. If you don't know that, you cannot know if you are doing all the right things to ensure that this particular change will work and sustain. 

I went to a great HR Transformation Network event the other day and was impressed by the calibre of the people and content of the discussions. Everyone I spoke to agreed that people wear 'masks' a work, that what a person says or does (or answers on a questionnaire) is not the same as what they really think or feel. They all agreed that the various surveys we employ are not designed to get behind these masks and therefore we have a blind spot. 

Even the better businesses among us, who are closer to the hearts and minds of their employees, struggle to be certain what their employees think and feel about each particular change. Even they accept they often have a blind spot.

My challenge to us all in this HR profession, which is under pressure to prove itself, is why we are not even talking about this blind spot, let alone trying to find a way to fix it?

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