I remain shocked and stunned at the premature death of Prince, having followed him for nearly 40 years. A complex character and one that is hard to understand due to his unrelenting propensity to change musical genres almost as often as his underwear. Behind the symbol and various enigmas lies a multi-instrumentalist, one of the most prolific songwriters ever known with enough unreleased material to last 100 years, a voice with a good five octaves range and a performer unlike no other. Underneath the hood, we find a shy philanthropist with indeed, some quite quirky behaviours regarding his relationship with the music business and the internet, but above all, someone who has remained true to themselves with a deep commitment to their music. I was fortunate to have interviewed a number of the "family" – Sheila E, George Clinton and Marcus Anderson – I believe we were on the way to Paisley Park to gain an interview with the man himself, having gained a lot of praise from these interviews but alas it was too late.

Here is a full post I wrote about Prince's talents on Linkedin and some floral tributes from Kokos in Camden, a place he loved to perform at.  May U Live 2 C The Dawn.

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