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News: UK HR pros least likely in world to use social media


HR professionals in the UK are the least likely in the world to use social media in order to identify prospective job candidates or communicate with staff. 

According to a new study of 1,500 hiring managers and HR professionals from around the globe entitled ‘2012 HR Beat‘, less than half (47%) of UK hiring managers use social media to identify job candidates such as LinkedIn (28%), Facebook (21%) or CV search sites (12%). 
Likewise, while a mere 38% employ social media or texting to communicate with potential candidates, they also have the dubious distinction of being among the least likely to use Facebook to communicate with job candidates. 
Paul Roberts, UK country manger at SuccessFactors which commissioned the research, said: “I would have thought that there would have been greater use of tools like LinkedIn in the UK. It just doesn’t seem to be something that UK companies are using. But with more and more Millenials coming into the workplace, it should be something that more companies want to pay more attention to."
He added that too many HR functions were likewise failing to use social collaboration tools on an internal basis as effectively as they might.
"There is still some nervousness. Lots of people like the idea, but it’s about how to control it,” Roberts explained. “If you open up LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook for everyone to use, companies get nervous about what might be said. I think if they could have their own social products for internal use you might see more adoption.” 
Other key UK findings included: 
  • 89% of job hunters and 83% of employees are looking for non-financial benefits, beyond what they were offered initially
  • 59% of prospective employees would like flexible work hours, 58% want higher pay and 20% would be interested in time off work to volunteer
  • Millennials (those younger than 33 years old) would like to be developed and nurtured in the workplace
  • Some 47% of Millennial job candidates are likely to request training and mentors
  • Generation X employees (those between 33 and 50 years old) are most likely to ask for a non-scheduled bonus
  • Some 40% of Generation X job hunters are likely to ask for a hike in status with a better job title
  • Those Baby Boomers (those over 50 years old) looking for jobs are most likely to ask for a hiring bonus or flexible work location
  • Female job candidates and employees are more likely to ask for flexible work hours, flexible work locations, and more holiday time than their male counterparts
  • Male job candidates and employees are more likely to ask for a bonus, more pay or a bigger title than their female equivalents.
Across all countries, age groups and genders, the survey found that the most commonly requested employee perks included:
  • Free drinks (tea, coffee, soft drinks, water etc) – 18%
  • Smartphones and tablets for personal use – 17%
  • Time off to volunteer – 16%
  • Free massages – 8%
  • Laundry services – 8%
“There will soon be four generations of people within most companies and they will each have different requirements for how they work,” Roberts said. 

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  1. Useful Guide for HR on getting started on Twitter

    So UK HR pros use Social Media a bit less (38%) than their counterparts in the US (45%).  The surprising thing about the results is the low usage of LinkedIn (28%) which is fast becoming a key business tool, particularly in HR.  I have found Twitter to be really useful for sharing information, keeping up to date with the lastest research and articles & connecting with others with similar interests.  I have pulled together a couple of articles for those who are interested in giving Twitter a go….give it a go and see!

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    And for those already on Twitter, here are some lists of HR pros, bloggers, writers, consultants to follow.

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Stuart Lauchlan

Head of Editorial At Sift Media

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