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News: Wanted – One wolf boy/girl, with circus skills and all their own hair


Wanted: One “wolf boy/girl”, with “strong circus skills” and all of their own hair.

This is the essence of a job advert posted on Directgov’s Universal Jobmatch web page by Circus of Horrors, which were finalists in the ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ TV programme a couple of years ago.
The group is looking for candidates with Hypertrichosis, a rare condition that causes sufferers to sprout hair all over their face, but who must also have “Circus skills to a high standard”.
The advert reads: “All applicants must be genuine, people with beards or wearing masks will not be accepted, although a woman with a beard may be considered under a different job opportunities.”
Each candidate must have a “minimum of 60,000 hairs growing on their face & linking up with the hairline”. Simply having hair on one’s head is not enough.
According to the Daily Telegraph, the group has already lined up a famous hirsute Mexican called Jesus Aceves for the role, but were hoping to find home-grown talent to fill the gap before he can start – the job runs from 10 January to 23 March, when the Circus embarks on its nationwide tour.
Dr Haze, the ringleader and circus founder said: “We have already got one wolfman, but the more the merrier.”

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  1. Because I’m worth it

    I’m considering applying for this and want to know if a strict count of the 60 000 folicles will be part of the assessment centre?   

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Cath Everett

Freelance journalist and former editor of HRZone

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