This month our host Dr Max Blumberg speaks with Tim Haynes about how people analytics is truly disrupting the way businesses gather insights, make decisions and deliver value.

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With a background in organisational development (OD), Tim offers a unique perspective on how people analytics can join forces with OD to bring positive change. Working for over 12 years at GSK – one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical, vaccines and consumer healthcare companies – Tim is truly leading the way in the analytical domain.

He is delivering business-focused people analytics using some of the latest technologies, tools and methods, and bringing together the best thinking from a talented, diverse team.

Data is everywhere and all HR professionals have the capacity to be more analytical in their decision making, whether their company is large or small, has a people analytics function or not. This discussion offers compelling insights on the direction people analytics is moving in within a leading-edge organisation.

Max and Tim discuss:

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Tim Haynes
Head of People Data and Analytics
Dr Max Blumberg
Blumberg Partnership
Becky Norman