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Views on HR news: Engagement and productivity


Jon Ingham trawls the net to provide his round-up of the great and the good of HR thought and opinion, so you don’t have to. This month, he reviews posts on employee engagement and workforce productivity.

My favourite posts this month have focused on employee engagement and productivity.


Did you see Dan Pink’s TED video on intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? If not, it’s described well by Derek Irvine on his blog. But it’s well worth reading Frank Roche’s views on the video at Know HR. And check out Paul Herbert’s challenge to Dan Pink at Incentive Intelligence too.
While you’re at it, review some more assumptions about motivation that don’t hold water, provided by Andy Headworth over at Sirona Says.
If you want to understand what does work, you might want to review Aberdeen’s latest report: Engaging Employees to Retain Customers. You can read about this at Boyd on Business, or on Derek Irvine’s Globoforce blog.
But what do you think about Wally Bock’s idea that engagement is all management voodoo anyway? (see his Three Star Leadership blog). I don’t think it’s a view shared by Judy McLeish at the Employee Factor.


Derek Irvine starts this debate off again, noting on his HRzone blog that the productivity of workers in the U.S. has actually increased during this recession. But that’s not what Kronos has found – see a post from its Workforce Institute’s blog.
Bill Strahan examines the impact of productivity changes for HR at Human Markets. Measuring productivity effectively is one thing – according to Taleo at its Talent Management blog.
Meanwhile, on his Notepad, Bertrand Duperrin emphasises that our thinking about productivity needs to shift from a mechanical to a more human and social perspective.
And Jay Deragon at the Relationship Economy and CC Holland at BNet’s Team Taskmaster consider the dangers of social media and your Blackberry to productivity.

Other blog posts

As always, I’ve only had room to cover a small fraction of the excellent blog posts published over the last month. But you’ll find more at the last HR Carnival, hosted by G Neil’s HR Forum. And take a look at William Tincup’s JPIE blog where he regularly considers OPTs (other people’s thoughts). Or you can read more of my favourite posts from other bloggers on my feed reader.
Jon Ingham is executive consultant at Strategic Dynamics. He specialises in helping HR teams to become more strategic and to increase their impact, including through the use of social media. He has two blogs, Strategic HCM – which has recently been voted as one of the top global blogs focusing on talent management – and Social Advantage, as well as a podcast show (Talking HR). You can also follow him on Twitter @joningham.

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