Jobseekers: what they want

An in-depth guide to today’s jobseekers Some motivators, like good pay, are universal. Others are more nuanced, depending on the type of work. To gain an edge, hiring managers must understand job seekers’ preferences and priorities by education levels and job types — defined as “job zones.” In this report, you’ll get inside the minds […]

AI in hiring: 2024 trends, insights and predictions

AI is revolutionising hiring. How do your processes compare? CareerBuilder surveyed over 400 hiring professionals to uncover the latest AI trends, strategies, 
and predictions. These insights and best practices will help you confidently navigate the new hiring landscape. Did you know… Nearly half of hiring managers 
use AI in the recruiting process. AI’s ethical concerns […]

The rise of globally distributed teams

While arguments over remote work continue, a quieter movement is rapidly overtaking hesitancy in the headlines: the rise of distributed work. Employees discovered increased mobility and flexibility through remote work, while businesses grappled with uncertain budgets and new challenges to measure productivity and engagement. Download this report to understand how distributed workforces are growing; how […]

Supercharge skill development through performance planning


This eBook, by Cornerstone, explores how skill development isn’t only essential for your organisation to flourish on a holistic level but also a key driver of individual employee satisfaction and engagement. When you tie this sort of development to regular performance dialogues, you’ll help your people achieve growth beyond their and your wildest dreams. What […]

Employee Financial Stress: The hidden cost centre that harms retention, kills productivity, and drains profits


With sky-high inflation, rising interest rates, and an uncertain economy, reported levels of employee financial stress are climbing fast. Employee financial stress directly leads to: Lower productivity Higher turnover Severely diminished team morale Inside this new guide from the WorkWell, you’ll discover: The direct impact of employees’ financial stress on the company’s bottom line AND […]